EAM Statement of Purpose

We are a learning community of college educators dedicated to using our skills, knowledge, and talents to help the world work better through our scholarship and teaching about management and organizations. For us, a learning community is a forum of broad philosophical, social, and practical thought within which knowledge is generated and people are inspired, challenged, and validated at the same time.

As a learning community, we are devoted to members’ professional development and to the advancement of management theory, research, education, and practice. We accomplish our goals and attain our vision through conversations and activities held both throughout the year and at regular domestic and international meetings.

The Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) provides a friendly, informal, and supportive environment, which facilitates contact with one’s peers. We encourage this kind of involvement and welcome the opportunity it provides to overcome the geographical obstacles to frequent interaction in our profession.

As a regional affiliate of the Academy of Management, we hold our annual meeting and conference every May at locations in eastern North America. In addition, we host an international conference every other year. For both, competitive papers, symposia, panels, and professional development opportunities emphasize the pursuit of excellence in scholarly research and teaching in the field of management.

EAM provides a multitude of opportunities for involvement for management educators. Hundreds of members annually participate to:

  • Find out the state of the art in management research and education;
  • Publish articles in a variety of scholarly journals;
  • Network with academic and professional colleagues;
  • Present papers, cases, experiential exercises, and innovative ideas;
  • Chair paper and symposia sessions;
  • Review manuscripts;
  • Attend junior faculty and doctoral student consortia;
  • Contribute to sessions and discussions;
  • Share teaching ideas that are experiential in nature;
  • Attend our international conferences every other year;
  • Serve as officers, directors, and fellows;
  • Engage in the CASE Association, an affiliated group that hosts its annual meeting in conjunction with our own;