The Board of Directors for EAM, Inc. was drawn from the 2017-2018 board, except those whose terms were set to expire in 2018.

Board Positions of EAM, Inc. Current Officers & Directors of  EAM, Inc., Term Expiration Officers & Directors of  EAM, Inc., on 5/5/18, Term expiration
President Filiz Tabak, 2018 Laurie Levesque, 2019
President-Elect Laurie Levesque, 2018 –to be elected in 2018–
Vice President-Program Elizabeth McCrea, 2018 Kim Merriman, 2019
Vice President- Program Elect (non-voting) Kim Merriman, 2018 –to be elected in 2018–
Vice President- International Joy Schneer, 2019 Joy Schneer, 2019
Treasurer Kim Merriman, 2018 -to be elected in 2018–
Past President Vacant Filiz Tabak, 2019
Director Claudine SchWeber, 2020 Claudine SchWeber, 2020
Director Yi Yang, 2020 Yi Yang, 2020
Director Joel Rudin, 2019 Joel Rudin, 2019
Director/Secretary Emily Porschitz, 2019 Emily Porschitz, 2019