These Bylaws have been approved by the Board of Directors for EAM, Inc. and took effect on January 1, 2018. Approximately 2 years ago, the Board of EAM discovered that when the organization was formed more than 50 years ago, unbeknownst to us, it was listed as an unincorporated association under the 401 (c) (3) category. While similar, it did not provide the full legal protection and benefits as an incorporated nonprofit. For the past two years numerous board members worked with a third-party consulting firm that advised us that the only way forward was to create a new incorporated organization and dissolve the existing one. The process is nearly complete. Incorporation paperwork has been filed with the state of Maryland, identified as one of the better states in which to do so.  A board was formed drawing from the current one; bylaws were written to meet both the legal expectations for content and to address the issues that had arisen with our current constitution (which included bylaw-like material and was extremely restrictive in some of its operational guidelines that predated the Internet, such as requiring certain votes in person or by mail.) At the annual meeting in May 2018, we will put forth a vote (per the current constitution) to dissolve the unincorporated association and move the membership and assets to the incorporated nonprofit organization.