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Chris Ellis,  Florida International University

Miriam Weismann, Florida International University, President – The CASE Association

CASE www.caseweb.org is an affiliate of the North American Case Association (NACRA) and meets annually in conjunction with the Eastern Academy of Management (EAM). Our online journal, The CASE Journal, pioneered in October of 2004, includes not only teaching cases but also articles addressing the case method of instruction and research. Join us at our workshops focusing on case writing, reviewing, teaching, and publishing.

CASE Association Agenda

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020 

Thursday June 25, 2020

Friday June 26, 2020

8:30 AM

Welcome to EAM 2020 

8:30 AM

Get to know EAM 2020

8:30 AM

Looking Ahead to EAM 2021

9:00 AM

Concurrent Sessions

Cases without Instructor’s Manual.

Two Zoom Rooms of two cases each.  See detail below.

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Rebecca Morris

Case Writing Hackathon 

9:00 AM - 12:00

Rebecca Morris

Hackathon Presentation Session

10:30 AM

Concurrent Sessions

Cases with Instructor’s Manual 

Three Zoom Rooms of three cases each.  See detail below.

12:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Lunch Break


Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Embryo Cases 

Two Zoom rooms of 4 cases each.  See detail below.

1:00 – 2:00 PM

Teaching with Cases Online - Chris Ellis


Case Association Business Meeting

2:30 - 4:00

Board Meeting

3:00 – 3:45 PM

Exhibit Presentation 

4:00 PM

Meet the Journal Editors for Emerald

4:00 PM

Keynote Address

Lori Groth, CTO Stanley Black & Decker

“Being Human in the Digital World”

4:00 - 5:15

EAM Dean’s Panel - Higher Education shaped by Covid19.

5:30 - 6:30 PM

CASE Celebration Hour! (social/ business meeting/ awards/ recognition)

5:30 - 6:30 PM

EAM Social Hour


Concurrent Sessions for CASE 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

9:00 AM EDT/Cases without Instructor’s Manuals

Room 1/ Chris Ellis, Host

Discussant: Steve Congden

Cases to be discussed:

Amazon Go Checkout-Free Convenience Stores: “All That and a Bag of Chips”.  

Author: Anthony Furnelli

Delivering ‘Wow’ with Company Culture: The Case of Zappos.  

Authors: Morgan Crostarosa and Ankur Nandedkar

Room 2 / Miriam Weismann, Host

Discussant: Miriam Weismann

Cases to be discussed:

Splitting the Founders’ Equity Pie:  Is Equal Truly Fair?

Authors: Heidi Bertels and Elizabeth McCrea

Naloxbox: A Response to the Opioid Crisis

Authors: Mia Len, Kamilah Thorne, Natalie Wind, and Imram Chowdury

10:30 AM EDT/Cases with Instructor’s Manuals

Room 2 / Miriam Weismann, Host

Discussant: Heidi Bertels

Cases to be discussed:

Phit Water Enhancer: Enhancing Your Fitness

Authors: Shreshthi Mehta and Julia Ivy

When Personal Code Trumps Professional Code:  Ethical Failure in the Oversight of a Nursing Home Facility

Authors: Grant Beebe, Milorad Novicevic, and Ifeoluwa Tobi Popoola

Xiaomi: U.S. expansion?

Authors:  Patrick McHugh, Elaine Cheung, and Johnathan Lovett

Room 2 / David Desplaces, Host

Discussant: Miriam Weismann

Cases to be discussed:

Crowdfunding as a Mechanism to Launch New Products

Authors: Heidi Bertels and Dan Zhang

“All Your Files Have Been Encrypted!” ΜΆ  Ransomware Attack at Keystone Insurance

Authors: Dennis Comeau and Zaiyong Tang

Starbucks Versus Luckin: Which Business Model Will Win Chinese Customers?

Authors: Heidi Bertels and David Desplaces

Room 3 / Rebecca Morris, Host

Discussant: Rebecca Morris

Cases to be discussed:

A Role-Playing Case Integrating Sustainability into the Balanced Scorecard

Authors: Kathleen Simione, Aamer Sheikh, Kenneth Ryack, and Michael Kraten

The Invisible Man

Author: Nicole Berube

Safe Crossings    

Author: Jeff Moretz

1:00 PM EDT/ Embryo Cases

Room 1 / David Desplaces, Host

Discussant:  David Desplaces

Cases to be discussed:

Building without a foundation: Pay inequities at a small utility provider

Authors: Megan Douglas and Sarah Holtzen

A Tarnished Juul? E-cigarettes and the Rising American Public Health Crisis    

Author: Sinead Ruane

Local Luggage:  Can a Small Family Business Compete in an Amazon World?    

Author: Danielle Ciliberto and Elizabeth McCrea

Using the Legal System as a Management Strategy  

Authors: Karen Gantt and Daphne Berry

Room 2/ Chris Ellis, Host

Discussant: Bill & Peggy Naumes

Cases to be discussed:

The Many Arenas of Amazon    

Author: Steven Congden

Grow a Diversified Global Company: A Bumping Road to the Development of a Chinese Company    

Author: Weichu Xu

The Furlough Cheesecake: Building a network of support for a new venture    

Author: Minnette Bumpus

Disney Princess Speaks Out    

Author: Kimberly Sherman

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