EAM 2020 Concurrent Sessions

Track Chairs

Strategy, International Management (STR, IM) - Vishal Gupta, University of Alabama; Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Information Technology  (ENT, INV, IT) - Huy Q. (David) Tran, Albright College; Heidi BertelsCollege of Staten Island / CUNY

Human Resources Management (HRM) - Alison WallSouthern Connecticut State University

Organizational Behavior (OB) - Tejinder Biling, Rowan University; Antigoni Papadimitriou, Western Kentucky University

Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Leadership (ETH, CSR, SUS, LEAD) - Elizabeth Turesky, University of Southern Maine

Management Education & Development (MED) - Ted Peters, University of Baltimore; Joy Jones, Stockton University

Experiential Learning Activities (ELA) - Dale Finn, University of New Haven;  Noel Criscione, Stockton University

EAM 2020 offers six competitive tracks and a special experiential learning tracks. These are full research papers presented at the Conference. For track descriptions click here


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Thursday June 25, 2020

9:00-10:15   Session 1

EAM Fellows Symposium

AQ>EQ (and Maybe Even IQ): Teaching the Skills of Adaptability (148)

The Culture of Corporate Social Responsibility - ETH

Is too much Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) bad for business? An empirical analysis of the CSR and Corporate Social Performance relationship (88)

Do Employees Benefit from Firm Productivity Improvement? (136)

 Implications from Work and Life Domains on Well Being - OB, LEAD

Linking Work Stress to Resilience, Work-Life Balance, and Psychological Well-being: A Framework for Future Research* (38)

Understanding Work and Life Implications For Workers in the Digital Gig Economy* (108)

Leading Gen Z: Keeping It Real in the Digital World* (73)

10:30-12:00   Session 2

The Future of Human Resource Management* - HRM

Yesterday's workers in tomorrow's world – blue collar workers at the age of job automation* (8)

Offshoring and the New Age Employee: Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management* (52)

Exploring Relationships Between Personality Ratings and Computer-based Analysis of Behaviors in Video Interviews* (106)

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring: Understanding Attitudes and Perspectives of HR Practitioners* (152)

Theoretical Approaches to Entrepreneurship - ENT

Access to Resources and Entrepreneurial Well-being: A Self-Efficacy Approach (18)

What Nonsense! A Garbage Can Model of Organizational Sensing (99)

In-depth view of external and internal drivers of selective revealing affecting the implementation of strategic openness (139)

A Mathamatical Framework, Based On Regulatory Focus Theory, Of Angel Investors’ Risk-Reward Profiles And Strategic Investment Predispositions* (176)

Resources and Knowledge - STR

Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer In Global Virtual Teams* (19)

Resource-Based View in the Context of Family Firms: A Configurational Analysis (39)

What happens when there is a new guy at work? Tackling the problem of tacit knowledge through social networks* (57)

Strategic Inflection Points and Management Decision Making (187)

12:00-1:00 Break

1:00 - 2:15   Session 3

Ethical and moral responsibility examined - ETH

Off-duty deviance in the eye of the beholder: Implication of moral foundations theory in the age of social media* (21)

Student Ethical Scale: Development of a new measure (68)

Field Based Learning and Virtual Teams - MED

Who's in charge? Designing experiential project courses to expose students to the multi-stakeholder world of work today (63)

Managerial Knowledge Acquired through Virtual Team Collaboration on International Entrepreneurial Projects*(132)

Multiple Perspectives on Leadership - OB

Enhancing Project Outcomes: A discussion of cross-generational leadership competencies* (89)

The Power of Backstage Interactions: How Co-Located Subteam Leadership Dynamics Influence Global Team Relations* (116)

Managerial territoriality in work organizations (168)

2:30 - 3:45  Session 4  

Best Experiential Learning Activity Nominees - ELA 

Developing Foresight Through Evaluation (17)

Students as Game Designers: Developing Cooperative Strategy Board Games for Training High-Performing Teams (135)

Who Gets Time Off? (146)

OB insights from macro, meso and micro levels- OB

Profiling Generation Zers: Comparison Review using Myers Briggs Personality Inventory to Educational and Organizational profiles of Generation Zers (47)

Attachment, Competitiveness, and Workplace Aggression: A Relational Model of Aggressive Behaviors (54)

Embedding Formal Rewards and Effective Communication into Company Culture: A Path to Organizational Agility (65)

Politics and Networks - STR

Do CEOs Actually Value Corporate Political Strategy? The Influence of CEO Characteristics on Corporate Political Strategy (45)

Supranode implications for social media network structures and outcomes* (142)

An Examination of Organizational Moral Development as a Prerequisite for Successful Implementation of Creating Shared Value Strategy (183)

Friday June 26, 2020

9:00-10:15  Session 5  

Panel/Symposium: Complexity of Heavy Work Investments: Outcomes and Moderators - OB (126)

Poster Presentations

Virtual Team Dynamics (48)

Talent Management on MNCs to Post-90s Chinese (80)

When your resume doesn't make the difference: how objectively do recruiters evaluate and select? (137)

Immigrant Professionals: Stories of Determination, Grit, and Perseverance (154)

Exploring the Characteristics Of Necessity And Opportunity Entrepreneurs In Professional Service Firms


Teaching and Learning in a Digital World* - MED

Differentiated Instruction in Management Education: Processes, Outcomes, and the Experiential Learning Environment (114)

Cheaters Ever Prosper: An Investigation of Faculty Efforts to Police Student Academic Misconduct (128)

Optimizing student satisfaction measures through teacher presence interventions and contextual awareness in an online course (163)

Decision-Making, Ethics, and CSR - ELA

To the Top": An experiential exercise highlighting leadership, influence tactics, decision making, conflict resolution and communication (50)

A Nudge Away from a Tuna Sandwich: An Influence Exercise (60)

In-Basket Exercise: Is ESG A Competitive Advantage? (92) 

10:30-12:00  Session 6  

Social Entrepreneurship - ENTP

Whose Space is it Anyway? How Institutional Entrepreneurs Use Discourse Themes to Reshape Urban Space* (46)

Entrepreneurship on the margins: the case of illegal entrepreneurship in the small-scale artisanal mining sector in Ghana (125)

Cultivating Social Enterprise in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (131)

Outcomes of Entrepreneur Calling on Employees and the Organization: Social vs Commercial Entrepreneurs (153)

Fostering Employee Performance & Development - HRM

The Role of Managerial Mindset on Managing Employee Underperformance (133)

Intersections of gender and age for women’s restricted career progression in Indian ICT sector (165)

The Impact of a Cognitively Taxing Workplace Environment on Efforts to Suppress Prejudice (166)

Organizational Benefits of Dyadic Mentoring (188)

Creating value through growth, and efficiency- STR, IM

Value Creation: A Study of Firm Growth & Expansion (28)

Developing the Elusive Construct of Speed Efficiency (82)

Emerging Multinationals’ control mechanisms for subsidiaries in Europe (147)

Increasing demand and a tradeoff between speed efficiencies and profits: Evidence from the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry, 1996-2007 (83)

12:00-1:00      Break

1:00 - 2:15  Session 7

Negotiation and Research Methods - ELA

Negotiate to Survive (32)

Worth a Thousand Words (research methods) (67)

Carli Wonderstar (95)

An Exploration of Corporate Values - ETH

Industrial Democracy in the Age of Conscious Capitalism (20)

Values and the rural-urban divide in social innovation transfer (91)

Leaders Should be Vulnerable, Just Not about Everything: the Dimensions of Leadership Vulnerability (138)

Crisis and Productivity Challenges - STR

Evaluating Crisis Readiness: A PLS-SEM Perspective (25)

Surviving the incubation stage and beyond: Entrepreneurs’ personal network, degree of involvement, and start-up survival in India and the U.S. (150)

The Impact of External Factors on Productivity: Changes in Freight Railroad Productivity due to Deregulation and Economic Recessions (193)

2:30 - 3:45   Session 8 

Motivation, Cultural Values, and Ableism - ELA

Mitigation Information Overload (motivation theories) (7)

Speed Interviewing (cultural values) (13)

Helping our students to understand their ability "blind spots" (115)

Entrepreneurship Education  - ENT

Do Collegiate Business Schools Influence Student Entrepreneurial Propensity? (29)

Entrepreneurial Intentions: Does Entrepreneurship Education Matter In (113)

Budding Entrepreneurs: The Effects of Parental Role Models (141)

Team Processes and Outcomes - OB

Two Sides of the Same Coin: An Integrative Theory of Team Hierarchy Strength Changes (15)

Can Workplace Spiritual Diversity Contribute to Functional Team Performance? Have Faith in its Potential (81)

A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Dynamics Between Team-Member Exchange and Turnover Intentions: Impact of Work Engagement and Leader-Member Exchange (124)

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