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Dear Colleagues,

Consistent with the by-laws of the EAM, Inc., elections will be held in the month of April for the open positions on the EAM, Inc. Board, terms to begin at the conclusion of our May 2022 conference.  This year we have three Officer elections to conduct; President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Vice President (VP) of Program-Elect.  We also need to elect two Directors as members of the Board. The qualifications sought for these critical leadership positions are given below.  

 Nominations for each of these positions are accepted until March 16, 2022. EAM members may nominate others as well as self-nominate.  Nominees provide the following:

  1. statement summarizing qualifications for the position
  2. statement outlining vision for EAM
  3. a current CV and a current photo

Nominations should be sent via email to any of the Election Committee members: Ted Peters tpeters@ubalt.edu, Ed Christenson(echriste@monmouth.edu and myself mbhattac@fairfield.edu. Elections will be held, in accordance with EAM Standard Operations Procedures, in April, commencing the first week of April and continuing until the last Friday in April.  Those interested in nominating, including self-nominees, are welcome to contact me, Ted, Ed, or any Board member of their choosing with questions. 




Mousumi Bhattacharya, PhD

President, Eastern Academy of Management

Open EAM Board positions, 2022-2023  


    Transitions to President in year 2

    In addition to duties enacted only in the absence of the President, the President-Elect

    • chairs the Fundraising Committee, which includes the President and Past-President. This includes coordinating with the treasurer regarding receipt of promised funds, sending thank you letters to donors after the conference, and distributing to the board a fundraising report at the end of January and at the annual meeting. 
    • develops a list of sponsors of the conference, ensures their recognition in the program and at the conference through signage, social media, conference announcements, and afterwards with written thank you letters.   
    • coordinates with the President and VP Program-Elect to solicit and review site selection proposals for 2 and 3 years out as needed and brings the final proposals to the board for discussion and selection in May. 
    • In the event that the President cannot attend the AOM annual conference in August, the President-Elect would be designated to cover those responsibilities with the same level of funding provided. [If this is not feasible, the Past-President would be designated to fulfill these duties.] 


    • Must be an EAM member in good standing for at least two years 
    • Involvement in EAM’s annual meeting or governance

    Treasurer (three-year term)

      The Treasurer serves three-year term, starting with a Treasurer-Elect position for the first six months, then Treasurer for two years and then moving into Past-Treasurer role for six months at the conclusion of two and a half years.

      The Treasurer manages and oversees the financial affairs of EAM Inc., and:


      • Experience with QuickBooks, or willingness to learn
      • Must be an EAM member in good standing for at least two years
      • Involvement in EAM’s annual meeting or governance

      Vice President of Program-Elect

      The officer elected to the position of vice president-elect/program chair-elect typically holds a position on the board for five years . The succession of the positions is as follows: vice president of program -elect (year 1) to vice president - program chair (year 2) to president-elect (year 3) to president (year 4) and, finally to past president (year 5).

      For year 1 In addition to duties enacted only in the absence of the Program Chair, the Vice President of Program-Elect

      • develops a call for papers (venue, dates, theme) for the next year’s conference and secures board approval 
      • distributes the call for papers for the next year’s conference at the prior conference. 
      • interacts with vendors at conference to cultivate relationship for subsequent year 
      • oversees coordination of certificates/awards (track chairs, best papers, etc.) 


      • Must be an EAM member in good standing for at least two years
      • Have substantial experience with reviewing academic research manuscripts
      • Have made scholarly contributions in the field of Management.
      • Must have served in various EAM conference-related roles such as a reviewer, track chair, session chair, local arrangements chair or committee member, any other ad hoc conference-related committee chair or member.

      Directors - two positions (three-year term)

      The responsibilities and duties of directors are assigned by the Board. Directors contribute to projects and needs that arise, and serve on committees as needed such as the Finance Committee and Nominating Committee. In addition, Directors must:

      • attend the annual board meetings in May and any other meetings held throughout the year as necessary
      • provide input on all matters shared via email or teleconferencing and videoconferencing
      • vote on all matters shared via email or teleconferencing and videoconferencing.

      In addition to the above responsibilities the two directors have these specific tasks:  


      • posts all relevant information from EAM and OMJ in social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter)
      • sends out communication to members and contacts
      • publishes the newsletter EAM Insight and send to all EAM contacts in October and March

      Director – Publications

      • acts as the liaison of the Board for all matters related to EAM academic publications.
      Currently EAM has two publications - OMJ journal and EAM Annual Conference Proceedings. OMJ is jointly sponsored by Southwest Academy of Management and is managed by an Editorial Board. The EAM Board member with liaison with OMJ editor to provide feedback to the Board (no editorial work is required). EAM Annual conference proceedings are archived (through our past President) and the Board member is the liaison for that. 


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