Welcome to the EAM 60th Anniversary Celebration Mega Game: THE HEIST

Our conference theme this year focuses on moving Towards Justice and Equity in an Unequal World, and our leadership team is excited to see you there!

With it being the 60th anniversary, we have some additional special events to offer. First, with a conference wide game. A game you ask? YES! It is a scavenger hunt type puzzle, that has the purpose of bringing everyone together in a unique way. The description is listed below.

Welcome to our new EAM Mega Game 60th anniversary edition: “The Heist” 

The Board sanctioned the purchase of a great talisman to be forever displayed as a symbol of our rich EAM collegiality. However, the talisman is missing! Your mission is to retrieve the talisman. In your quest, you will be presented with a series of clues. The clues go beyond the tangible—greeting and interacting with presidents, committee members and EAM officers will point you in the right direction (hint: be sure to examine special EAM business cards you discover during the conference). And, if you stumble upon a map at conference, it may reveal the thieves' past activities and the intention/location of the final crime. You are being called upon to be detectives, puzzle solvers and astute observers.  We look forward to solving the mystery with you!

Though more details are to come, the game will begin with each registrant being placed in 1 of 4 teams (further participation is optional). Upon check-in at the registration desk, you will receive additional information.

EAM 2023 MegaGame - The Heist Instructions.pdf


In addition to the conference wide game, we have partnered with five board game companies who have graciously donated games as prizes for our heist winners! Thank you to these companies. We encourage you to support them for your future gaming needs!

Game Sponsors

25th Century Games https://www.25thcenturygames.com/

Cyber Wizard Games https://cyberwizardgames.com

Tunnel Monster Collective https://tunnelmonster.games/

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