Fellows of the EAM are members who have contributed at multiple levels, in multiple ways, and over an extended period to further EAM’s objectives. The Body of Fellows consists of individuals nominated by the Fellows and confirmed by the EAM Board of Directors. Through confirmation they are recognized for past contributions and (just as importantly) are expected to continue contributing for the benefit of the organization.

The EAM Fellows Fund seeks to support EAM activities and initiatives across a broad range such as Doctoral Student scholarships and the Distinguished Speaker series.


Congratulations to this year’s inductees!

Timothy Golden, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Cheryl Tromley, Fairfield University

  • Bonnie Betters-Reed
  • Nick Beutell
  • Tony Butterfield
  • Ed Christensen
  • Kathleen Dechant
  • Carolyn R. Dexter
  • David Fearon
  • Jeanie M. Forray
  • William P. Ferris
  • Timothy Golden
  • Martin J. Gannon
  • Shanthi Gopalakrishnan
  • Laurel Goulet
  • Joel Harmon
  • Claudia Harris
  • David H. Holt
  • Mariann Jelinek
  • Eric Kessler
  • Alison Konrad
  • Michael J. Kavangh
  • D. Jeffrey Lenn
  • Joseph Litterer
  • Craig Lundberg
  • Mzamo Mangaliso
  • Steve Meisel
  • Dilip Mirchandani
  • Judith A. Neal
  • David D. Palmer
  • Theodore Peridis
  • Ted Peters
  • Gary N. Powell
  • Joy Schneer
  • Joseph Seltzer
  • Henry P. Sims, Jr.
  • Cheryl Tromley
  • John F. Veiga
  • Heidi Vernon
  • Joan Weiner
  • John N Yanouzas