Every other year the Eastern Academy of Management offers an intellectually and socially stimulating conference in a global destination location. Known as EAM-I (EAM – International), this conference facilitates an ongoing dialogue among U.S. management scholars and executives and their counterparts overseas. In addition to refereed competitive papers and keynote presentations by leading scholars and executives, a unique feature of the conference includes corporate sessions, on-site meetings held with CEOs and top management of leading industries. In the Netherlands, we met with executives of Phillips N.V. and Europort-Rotterdam. In Greece, sessions were held with management of Epiriotiki Shipping on board a ship of their fleet. In Hong Kong, we discussed current issues with the management MC Packaging, a global family firm, and with Computer Products, a Chinese subsidiary of an American-based company.


Designed for 150 people, the conferences are planned so that all attendees participate. A proceedings is published for each conference.