FAQs for the EAM-International Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia June 16-20, 2019


How to get there?

Dubrovnik’s airport is Zračna luka Čilipi. It is situated 22 kilometers away from Dubrovnik city center. During the summer months there are lots of flights coming into Dubrovnik from various European cities. Major airline companies fly to cities in Europe (Paris, London, Rome, etc.) from where you can get a flight to Dubrovnik. There are also lots of various charter companies that fly into Dubrovnik during the period of the conference. There is a regular shuttle bus service that operates to Dubrovnik and back after/before each flight and a single ticket is about 40 kunas per person. Taxi service is also available but more costly (up to 300 kunas per ride).


Where will the sessions be held?

The opening session of the conference on the Monday morning will take place at Hotel Hilton while all other sessions on Monday and Tuesday will take place at RIT Croatia. Wednesday’s panel session will again take place at Hotel Hilton. Hotel Hilton is situated just across the street from RIT Croatia.


Where are the room accommodations for the conference?

There is a choice of 4 different hotels that will be available for conference participants. All hotels and links to their web sites are available on the conference’s website.

Hotels Tirena and Valamar Lacroma are situated in the area called Babin Kuk and are approximately 4.5 kilometers away from the conference venue. Hotel Lero is situated in the area called Lapad and it is approximately about 1.3 kilometers away from the conference venue.


How will we get to the events and sessions?

Depending on chosen hotel and locations, additional information will be shared. Regular bus service operates from all of the hotels to the conference venue. Taxi service and Uber are also available and convenient.


Do I need a Visa for traveling to Croatia?

Information regarding visa requirements for Croatia can be found at the following link:



What is the local currency?

The local currency is Croatian Kuna (KN), with a value of 6.47 KN = $ 1.00 USD or 7.42 = 1.00 Euro (as of October 11, 2018  rate exchange, rates may vary)


Are immunizations needed to visit Dubrovnik?



What are Weather and Attire Guidelines?

June temperatures in Dubrovnik range between 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit so the weather should be sunny and warm. Due to all the climate changes, there may also be some slight rain so packing a small umbrella is always a good idea.


What about Tipping?

It is most common and of good etiquette to tip between 5 and 10% of the total bill at restaurants when dining out. Porters at hotels will expect a small tip for each piece of luggage that they assist in carrying. There is no need to tip the local taxi drivers when travelling in and around the city, however tourist guides and tour drivers expect a tip.


Tourist Information

Tourist information for Dubrovnik is available at:

Tourist Information Office http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr/lang/en/index.html