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62nd Annual Meeting and Conference

Baltimore, MD - May 12-15 2025

Conference Tracks

The submission portal will be open from October 7th, 2025 to January 17th, 2025

Track 1: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Information Technology

This track invites submissions focused on new venture creation and failure, new and small firm management practices, new and small firm financing strategies, corporate venturing and innovation, and women-, minority-, and family-owned businesses. Submissions addressing the innovation process, management of information technology, and cognitive and social impacts of information systems are also welcome.

Track Chairs: Smita Srivastava, Wichita State University & Frederick Rice, Morgan State University

Track 2: Strategy, International Management

 This track invites submissions focused on addressing a wide range of management and organizational issues related to the analysis, formulation, and implementation of corporate-, business-, and/or functional-level strategies and policies as well as business model innovation in the context of both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Additional topics relevant to this track include, but are not limited to, cross-border business operations, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, as well as social and cultural considerations of doing business in varied cultures. Conference theme topics include a focus on the use of digital technology to support strategic decision making in the global marketplace.

Track Chairs: Huy (David) Tran, Albright College & Banu Gotkan, University of North Texas at Dallas

Track 3: Supply Chain and Operations Management

This track invites submissions related to how firms manage and develop suppliers to engage in environmental practices. It also covers manufacturing/service employees' engagement on managing processes to support green supply chain management. Submissions related to how firms learn from their customers and involve customers to make green products are also welcomed. Further, this track welcomes works in the field of manufacturing/service operations that enhance environmental performance.

Track Chairs: Birasnav Muthuraj, Southern Connecticut State University & Suman Niranjan, University of North Texas

Track 4: Human Resources Management

This track invites submissions focused on all aspects of human resource management, including recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation, socialization, gender, diversity, strategic HRM and human capital.

Track Chairs: Michele Myers, Stockton University & Samina Saifuddin, Morgan State University

Track 5: Organizational Behavior

This track invites submissions focused on any aspects of organizational behavior including but not limited to papers that study individuals and groups in organizations as well as the dynamics of organizations themselves. Areas of interest are individual and group differences, perceptions, communication, motivation, team dynamics, leadership, conflict, negotiation, organizational design, organizational culture, and organizational change.

Track Chairs: Alka Gupta, SUNY Binghamton & Therese Sprinkle, Providence College

Track 6: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

There is an increasing understanding of the importance of working towards a sustainable planet. As the world is trying to reboot due to the covid pandemic, the business world needs skilled managers and leaders to make a substantial social impact and contribute to solving socio-economic problems stemming from the grand societal challenges of our times. This track invites submissions that address issues related to sustainability, ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Those which address grand challenges associated with reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are of particular interest. How companies and organizations bring about social, environmental, and ethical changes would also be welcomed as well as studies about research usefulness and social impact.

Track Chairs: Antigoni Papadimitriou, Lehigh University & Oluwatoyin Comfort Awoyinka, Southern Connecticut State University

Track 7: Hospitality and Tourism Management

This track invites submissions (conceptual and empirical) that examine hospitality and tourism management issues and innovations. Topics may include strategic matters for the hospitality sector's future, technology, and developments in hospitality and tourism. Other areas of interest might consist of responsible management, sustainable practices and crisis and recovery.

Track Chairs:  Julaine Rigg, Morgan State University & Angela Bianchini, Stockton University

Track 8: Management Education and Development

This track invites submissions that address teaching and learning at the classroom, program, or institutional level; workplace and organizational learning; and innovation with technology in the classroom. Especially welcome are contributions that highlight the conference theme in the classroom.

Track Chairs: Kevin Coopersmith, Stockton University &  Christy Goodnight, Stockton University


Track 9: Experiential Learning Activities (ELA)

Have you developed a new learning exercise, game, simulation, role-play, or other learning tool or activity? ELA submissions (a) describe the activity, (b) explain the pedagogical theory/evidence behind the activity, and (c) outline a session plan that includes learning goals, instructions, timing, and any crucial handouts/props. At the conference, authors facilitate a hands-on learning session that demonstrates key experiences from the activity

Track Chairs: Ian Mercer, Fairleigh Dickinson University & John Harris, Georgia Southern University

Track 10: Teaching Cases

The CASE Association holds its annual conference in conjunction with EAM's and attendees enjoy the benefits of both. You are invited to submit a teaching case for review and, if accepted, roundtable discussion. We also offer a free case writing hackathon where attendees join a team to develop a case on a contemporary business issue. CASE invites you to submit: a. Embryo cases – a one-page outline of a case idea including a list of developmental issues for which the author seeks guidance (authors must use the embryo case format available on our website); b. Cases without an instructor’s manual – cases in development, authors will be assisted in preparing the instructor’s manual; c. Cases with an instructor’s manual – case and instructor’s manual sufficiently developed to facilitate constructive criticism in preparation for submission for publication; Cases can be long/traditional or compact cases (1,000 words or less).

Please review the details at:

Track Chair: Michael Lewis, Assumption University

Track 11: Professional Development Workshops and Symposiums (PDWS):

Develop a panel, presentation, or hands-on session to share your best professional practices with EAM colleagues! Topics vary and have included: research roundtable, research methods, writing strategies, administration, career balance, assessment, service learning, curriculum development, Professors of practice etc. Submissions are 4-7 pages and include: title, brief abstract with key words, time requested for session (30 or 60 minutes), learning objective(s), and a detailed description of the workshop plan (including timeline). Please see the submission guidelines before submitting!

Track Chairs: Robin Frkal, Nichols College & Julie Stanton, Penn State University

Track 12: Idea Incubator

Do you have a scholarship idea that is promising, but needs more development? Submit a draft manuscript or extended abstract (about 500-1000 words) outlining your research idea. You may also include one or two questions or issues you would like to pose for feedback, such as are my methods correct? how can I better frame this research question? etc. The incubator sessions are structured as roundtable discussions to facilitate development and coaching of individual projects. Authors and project titles are listed in the program, but the abstracts will not appear in the proceedings.

Track Chairs: Sarah Holtzen, Missouri Southern State University &  Elizabeth McCrea, Seton Hall University

Track 13: Posters

Are you a Graduate student or a Faculty working with a student? Do you have a research paper from your course? GET RECOGNIZED! Submit a poster. Research posters summarize information or research concisely and attractively to help publicize it and generate discussion. The poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats. At the conference, the researcher displays the poster while other participants come and view it and interact with the author. Posters offer the opportunity to engage with one-on one conversations with conference attendees and enable you to talk about very specific aspects of your research. 

Track Chairs: Alice Wieland, Southern Connecticut State University

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