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About Us

Eastern Academy of Management is a community of college educators and scholars dedicated to using our skills and talents to help the world work better. As a learning community, we are devoted to the members’ professional development as well as the advancement of management theory, research, education, and practice. Formed in 1964 as the eastern regional  division of the Academy of Management, we augment and complement AOM's activities by conducting our own domestic and international meetings. 


  • We value high quality research, teaching, and practice in the field of management and organization
  • We cultivate and advocate ethical behavior in all aspects of our work
  • We provide a dynamic and supportive community for all of our members, embracing the full diversity of our backgrounds and experiences
  • We respect each of our members' voices and seek to amplify their ideas
  • We build cooperative relationships with other institutions committed to the advancement of scholarship and teaching about management and organization

EAM Inc. Bylaws

2024-25 Board of Directors

Board Positions Current Officers & Directors, Term Expiration

Vishal Gupta, May 2025

University of Alabama


Noel Criscione-Naylor, May 2025
Stockton University

Vice President-Program

Gabby Swab, May 2025
Georgia Southern University

Vice President-Program Elect

Robin Frkal, May 2025

Nicolas College

Vice President-International

Shalei SimmsMay 2025

Old Westbury University


Alice Wieland, May 2026

Southern Connecticut State University 

Past Treasurer

Yifeng Fan,  May 2025

Fairfield University

Past President n/a

Director (Secretary)

Julie Stanton, May 2026
The Pennsylvania State University Media PA

 Director (Fellows)

Edward Christensen, May 2025

Monmouth University

Director (Membership)

Jestine Philip, May 2026
University of New Haven

Director (Publications)

Regina Kim, May 2025

Fairfield University
Director (Communications)

Alison Wall, May 2025

Southern Connecticut State University

Director (At large)    Lisa Stickney, May 2025

University of Baltimore

EAM Outreach Committee

Liaison Coordinators     Julia Eisenberg, May 2025,  Pace University

                                                   Sanjay Chaudhary, May 2025, OP Jindal Global University

Publications                        Huy (David) Tran, May 2025, Albright College

EAM Statement of  Purpose


EAM Past Presidents

  • John G. Hutchinson
  • Dean F. Berry
  • Charles E. Summer
  • Walter A. Hill
  • C. Wickham Skinner
  • Harold Lazarus
  • Ogden Hall
  • Stanley Young
  • Rocco Carzo, Jr.
  • M. William Frey
  • John W. Slocum, Jr.
  • John N. Yanounzas
  • Martin J. Gannon
  • Don Hellriegel
  • Louis K. Bragaw
  • Mahmoud A. Wahba
  • Joseph A. Alutto
  • Henry P. Sims Jr.
  • Mariann Jelinek
  • John F. Veiga
  • Randall S. Schuler
  • Gary N. Powell
  • Carolyn R. Dexter
  • Michael J. Kavanagh
  • D. Jeffrey Lenn
  • Nicholas J. Beutell
  • Eugene G. Gomolka
  • Joseph Seltzer 1992
  • William P. Ferris 1993
  • Craig C. Lundberg 1994
  • D. Anthony Butterfield 1995
  • David D. Palmer 1996
  • Joan Weiner 1997
  • Alison Konrad 1998
  • Eileen Kaplan 1999
  • Bonnie Betters-Reed 2000
  • Joel Harmon 2001
  • Steven I. Meisel 2002
  • Mzamo Mangaliso 2003
  • Judi Neal 2004
  • dt ogilvie 2005
  • Eric Kessler 2006
  • Shanthi Gopalakrishnan 2007
  • Edward Christensen 2008
  • Dilip Mirchandani 2009
  • Laurel Goulet 2010
  • John Ogilvie 2011
  • Elizabeth Davis 2012
  • Theodore Peters 2013
  • Timothy Golden 2014
  • Kristin Backhaus 2015
  • Paul Szwed 2016
  • Kathleen Barnes 2017
  • Filiz Tabak 2018
  • Laurie Levesque 2019
  • Elizabeth McCrea 2020
  • Jeff Mello 2021
  • Mousumi Bhattacharya 2022
  • Tejinder Billing, 2023
  • Mariana Lebrón, 2024

EAM Fellows

Fellows of the EAM are members who have contributed at multiple levels, in multiple ways, and over an extended period to further EAM’s objectives. The Body of Fellows consists of individuals nominated by the Fellows and confirmed by the EAM Board of Directors. Through confirmation they are recognized for past contributions and (just as importantly) are expected to continue contributing for the benefit of the organization.

The EAM Fellows Fund seeks to support EAM activities and initiatives across a broad range such as Doctoral Student scholarships and the Distinguished Speaker series.

  • Bonnie Betters-Reed
  • Nick Beutell
  • Tony Butterfield
  • Edward Christensen
  • Kathleen Dechant
  • Carolyn R. Dexter
  • David Fearon
  • David Ford (2023)
  • Jeanie M. Forray
  • William P. Ferris
  • Timothy Golden
  • Martin J. Gannon
  • Shanthi Gopalakrishnan
  • Laurel Goulet
  • Joel Harmon
  • Claudia Harris
  • David H. Holt
  • Mariann Jelinek
  • Eric Kessler
  • Alison Konrad
  • Michael J. Kavangh
  • D. Jeffrey Lenn
  • Laurie Levesque
  • Joseph Litterer
  • Craig Lundberg
  • Mzamo Mangaliso
  • Steve Meisel
  • Jeff Mello (2023)
  • Dilip Mirchandani
  • Judith A. Neal
  • David D. Palmer
  • Theodore Peridis
  • Ted Peters
  • Gary N. Powell
  • Joy Schneer
  • Joseph Seltzer
  • Henry P. Sims, Jr.
  • Filiz Tabak
  • Cheryl Tromley
  • John F. Veiga
  • Heidi Vernon
  • Joan Weiner
  • John N Yanouzas
  • Mousumi Bhattacharya (2024)
  • Kate Suchon (2024)

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