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Conference Theme

Towards Justice and Equity in an Unequal World

There has been a stunning improvement in the human condition over the past few centuries. This improvement has been paralleled by a broadening of inequality, including inequality of income, wealth, status, health, gender, and race. Addressing social and economic inequalities is a ‘grand challenge’ as it relates to a complex problem that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and involves actors with competing interests and objectives. Is it possible to make meaningful progress toward justice and equity in an unequal world? Can we reduce the structural, institutional, and psychological barriers that prevent individuals from realizing their full potential? What should we research and teach in the classroom that would help make the world a better place, one that is more egalitarian? Join us in Philadelphia (PA) for the 60th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management as we explore these questions and many others that ground our research, teaching and learning.